Release Strip
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    Are you looking to improve your efficacy at work to improve job satisfaction and meaning ?

    Do you want a greater sense of fulfilment and balance ?

    Are you wanting to make changes in your life but they aren’t happening ?

    Are you looking for a greater sense of direction ?

Today’s world is full of challenges and it is through these challenges that we find out who we are.

Sometimes we could use a little help moving away from the things that we don’t want, or moving towards the things we want or simply becoming more clear about our lives.

Bringing to bear the diverse experience of business manager, professional engineer and EAS accredited coach, Jonathan Dawson, founder of Release coaching, coaches people in how to lead even richer lives.  He has the breadth of professional experience combined with the depth of personal practice to be able to help you move forward in your life in your unique way

Release provides an opportunity for focussing on your sense of fulfilment and balance and taking the practical steps you want to make to achieve your goals. Find out more about Jonathan’s background